I am a contributing author to The H.P Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum.  Within the pages of Asylum of The Ancient Ones you will find 3 of my pieces under the section titled The Mad Poet.  To take a look, click on the cover or click here for mobile

 Radio Correspondence & interviews

I was invited by Z Publishing to be a part of this wonderful compilation featuring some of the best emerging Poets in California. Click on the photo or click here for mobile

I am a monthly contributor to Paranormal Underground magazine covering Magic, Lore and Urban Legends.  You can check out my articles as well as other great pieces every month by clicking on the cover or here for mobile.

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On A Ghostly Winter's Night

A compilation of Winter Balefire's articles on the paranormal, occult, magic, lore and urban legends, spanning the last eight years

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My first poetry book Love Letters Destroyed, winner of the 2017 Summer Indie Book Award for Poetry, is available at Amazon, Lulu, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers.  Ebooks are also available.  For information on signed copies just click on the cover or click here for mobile

September 29th 2016  Christopher Case.  Start Time at 82 minutes       Click To Listen 

October 20th 2016  Pastor & Witch Doctor. Start time at 80 minutes      Click To Listen

November 17th 2016 Witches in Mexico. Start time 1 hour 34 minutes.   Click To Listen

February 9th 2017  The Blink Man. Start Time 1 hour 19 minutes.           Click To Listen

May 5th 2017  Interview with The World Beyond Radio.                           Click To Listen

​July  7th 2017 Interview With Supernatural Substation                             Click To Listen

As a correspondent for Paranormal Underground Radio, I cover anything and everything paranormal that has been or is currently happening in this bizarre world. To check it out just click on the photo or click here for mobile.  Previous pieces I've done and the start times are also listed below